Portland artist Still Woozy takes a step back and allows us to bask in his warming glow with his brand new single ‘Kenny’, an acoustically-driven offering that lures you with some of the finest harmonies you’ll come across this year.

Led in by the combination of acoustic guitars and the raw melodies, ‘Kenny’ opens up the gates and takes you on a journey hand in hand and guides you through its own alt-pop universe with subtle injections of brittle percussion that provides a laid back feeling to the overall piece. 

“I wrote Kenny after experiencing life in the great plains of Montana for a bit…I met people I will never forget, people never fed by the silver spoon who could genuinely laugh about gambling away $60k in one night, people living in what felt at the time to be the middle of nowhere. To me the space and pace of the song reflects the vastness and loneliness of the area.” – Still Woozy

Stream via: Interscope Records
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