Just over a month ago US producer Rome in Silver got us off our feet and moving with ‘Colorblind’, and with his latest release ‘Like You’ he’s further emphasising that point with a vibrant and addictive collection of sounds and grooves that you simply can’t get enough of.

After beginning the piece in a more relaxed manner with a carefree nature evident in the groove and off-kilter instrumentation, Rome in Silver quickly transfers into a more traditional structure with a playful pattern in the drums injecting the sense of liveliness that becomes the catalyst for the remainder of the track. This then becomes the podium for ‘Like You’ to well and truly launch itself with various elements coming to the forefront, whether that be the welcomed addition of guitars, the wall of sound created in the synths/keys or the infectiousness of the altered vocals screeching their way through the top end of the mix.

“I was in Palm Springs listening to a ton of Bonobo records back to back. I wanted to create something similar by using organic, world-influenced sounds but with my own flavour and this was the end result. Everything was based around that vocal phrase and the kalimba. Once I had a good drum groove going along with those, I sent it to my friend Harvey who helped me shape the structure of the song and add some melodies underneath.” – Rome in Silver

Stream via: Bitbird
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