Australian artist Banoffee returns for the first time since her highly acclaimed collaboration with Perto on ‘I Miss You’ with a stirring piece of electronic/pop in ‘Tapioca Cheeks’, a mellow soundscape that carries forth a message of dedication and love within a relationship.

‘Tapioca Cheeks’ carries forth a minimalistic approach to its instrumentation, allowing for Banoffee‘s raw vocals to take centre stage and drive the romantic lyricism throughout the duration of the track. With subtle uses of autotune in the choruses on her high ranged vocals, Banoffee utilises a deepened instrumentation composition of brooding beats, revitalising synths and booming bass lines that create an atmospheric soundscape full of space and openness.

“it’s about the fears that come with diving in with someone. How love can be awful as well as wonderful at the same time, because it’s just so damn scary. ‘Tapioca Cheeks’ is a dedication to someone, for them to feel loved and held even when they feel completely incapable or unlovable.” – Banoffee

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