Australian newcomer Lekku is very excited to be sharing his eight-track debut album with us this week, titled “SUCCOUR” it features a very awesome collection of atmospheric dance that is so very easy to get lost in.

As Lekku reveals below this album took him just over a year to make, and while he was having a bit of a creative struggle in the beginning, some solid advice from a notable Australian producer helped him get things back on track and give birth to this impressive collection of music.

“Succour has been a year in the making and has been such an interesting and fulfilling process for me. It came from a massive step back from music I had at the end of 2019. My former project had been a bit worn out and I felt I wasn’t giving all I could into my music despite trying so hard. After a small haitus the pandemic happened and I was thrown into isolation with someone I barely knew. I started fiddling again with some ideas and had no real luck, I had a vision in mind for my next lot of music but I couldn’t get there and was struggling. A year before this I had been in contact with one of my biggest inspirations Golden Features on taking my music to a higher level. He gave me an amazing piece of advice among an extremely inspirational and well written email, which was to write a song every week and try and finish it the same week you started it. I decided to try this and see how I went.

The first few weeks I could hardly get a solid idea out but I kept writing every week. Eventually I was cracking out a finished song every week and was starting to get better and better at writing. Where before I couldn’t see what I needed to do next within the song I was writing, I now knew what I needed to add or take away and it was happening fluently. This small piece of advice was the key I was missing to open the door to better music.

As the year passed the person I barely knew became someone I could rely on completely. They became the person that critiqued every song that came out and pushed me into good directions to take the music to. I have to give a massive thank you to Clare McGhee also. The two songs I wrote with her are easily the best on the album. Writing both ‘Through The Night’ and ‘Take Me As I Come’ was so quick and effortless with her writing next to me. She has incredible talent when it comes to writing lyrics and singing. The album wouldn’t be what it is today without her.” – Lekku

Out now via: Free Lunch
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