Following on from the groovy ‘Open Eyes’ late last year, Melbourne duo Dual Manner continue to change things up in a major way with their first single of 2021 in ‘Slow It Down’, a dark and brooding effort full of fierce instrumentation and swooning melodies that can only be described as a well-rounded banger that fans of Crooked Colours and RUFUS DU SOL will get right around.

‘Slow It Down’ centres itself around a thumping four to the floor beat that couples with Thomas Junior‘s rising vocals that move majestically with the subtle intensification on offer. Once we hit the electrifying chorus, this is where the depth-defying layers of synths and bass smack you across the face with their sheer ferocious nature. With tantalising arpeggios further igniting the mix to astonishing levels, Dual Manner keep you on the seat throughout this gripping four minute offering that leaves you desperate for an immediate repeat! 

‘The genesis for this track started almost a year ago whilst trying to find a hook for a different song. We liked it so much that we started this song from it. Once we had the beat we were in the middle of lockdown so we were inspired to write a song lyrically that was about the feeling of experiencing live music from both the perspective of the audience and the artist.’ – Dual Manner

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