Sumner is a relatively new project out of Tasmania made up of Chloe Wilson & Jack McLaine, who have actually been making music for a little while now, but this is their first release since 2019.

They’re coming back to us in a big way after recently partnering with Lab78, a label co-owned by etcetc, Nick Littlemore & Peter Mayes (aka PNAU & Empire of the Sun), for a very cool new song called ‘Stranded’ which has also been co-written and produced by Littlemore and Mayes!

I wrote the beat for Stranded in a 30 min rush of inspiration. Chasing the bittersweet feeling in between melancholy and hope. The first time we played it in the live set we were supporting PNAU at their show in Forth, Tasmania. They invited us to the studio in Sydney with them, and within a day we had reworked it into the song ‘Stranded’ as it exists today.” – Jack McLaine

Lyrically, Stranded is a letter to a former self – acknowledging that without that previous person you once were, you would never have arrived at your current form. It’s easy to shy away from a former version of yourself that you’re not so proud of, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that existence and what it taught and prepared you for. Accept what was and carry yourself forward. See the beauty in all versions of yourself instead of abandoning the ones that no longer serve you.” – Chloe Wilson

Out Now Via: Lab78
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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