Australian producer JaySounds has teamed up with fellow Sydney-sider Bianca for a great new dance anthem called ‘I Know What You Came For’ which is sure to have you craving for a dance-floor right now. 

JaySounds’ production skills really shine through on this one as he lures us in with that dreamy intro before building into a climatic drop that makes it impossible not to move, and Bianca’s golden voice takes it all to a whole new level of dance music euphoria. 

“I had a record that I felt fit for Night Mode, but I knew it needed some additional song writing to bring it to life. That’s where Bianca came in. The quality of her songwriting and vocal abilities are undeniably next-level.” – JaySounds

 “‘I Know What You Came For” is about someone who’s been held back and suppressed from doing what they want for so long that they just kind of explode. It shocks the people around them, but they have this new sense of freedom and power from showing who they really are. I feel like lots of people can relate to that satisfying feeling when you finally stand your ground on something that’s important to you. It makes you so much more confident about overcoming the next obstacle you might face.” –Bianca

Out Now Via: Night Mode
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