MY PLAYLIST is a series where we ask some of our favourite artists to share some of their favourite songs, and while it may give us a bit of insight into some their influences we’re also super keen to see what they enjoy listening to when they’re not making music.

Good Vibes just seem to follow Young Franco wherever he goes. I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick off this series for the new year than him and he certainly has delivered the goods with this eclectic mix of over 170 songs that will have you all bumping and grinding throughout the rest of the week!  

“This playlist is literally where I collect songs I find and have on repeat. I didn’t really aim to have a perfectly curated and cohesive playlist. Instead, I sought to create an eclectic mix of what I have on repeat, songs I come back to and songs from my friends. Think of it as a record collection.” – Young Franco

Young Franco released this new single just before Christmas called ‘Fallin’ Apart’ which featured the vocal styles of Denzel Curry and Pell, which you will hear opening his playlist above but I thought I’d put it here as well for a little one-on-one time. 

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