Summer is so damn close we’re already burning up, so it’s inevitable that most of the new songs we’ll be hearing in the lead-up to the Christmas holidays will no doubt be summer beer material. Young Franco’s new track ‘Fallin Apart’ is definitely one of those tracks, not only because it’s super energetic, but it has extra flavour ignited by the soulful melody that runs through it. 

The track features verses by both Pell, Young Franco’s big 2020 collaborator, and Denzel Curry, someone who’s always happy to work with Australian artists. The vocals bounce hard over a beat that’s driven by hard piano tones and a deep beat. They both charge forward with heavy intention while sweet synth flourishes twist their way over the sharper accents. The song is short, but it packs a punch. You’ll have to listen to it a few times to hear all of its nuances, but that’s okay, it’s that infectious that heading ‘Fallin’ Apart’ over and over isn’t a problem at all. 

Young Franco has been churning out the party anthems this year and surely, all of them have been added to your summer party playlists. The producer knows how to really put together a melody that wriggles into your brain and stays there for a really long time. ‘Fallin’ Apart’ may sample Steve Monite’s 1984 track ‘Things Fall Apart’, but it’s a groovy track in its own right. Mix ‘80s influences with Young Franco’s upbeat production and you’ve got yourself an energetic track that you’ll find hard to turn off. 

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