Los Angeles duo slenderbodies are coming back to us this week with a very cool new song called ‘cherry blossom’ which is sure to get your mood shifted more into the positive spectrum as you shake your head along to its warm, uplifting, dream-pop vibes. 

“We went in the studio with Jeremy from Marian Hill at the top of the year and he was working with a ton of granular synthesis on vocals and foley samples. If you’re unfamiliar, this kind of synthesis involves taking a really small sample (a “grain”) of a sound and warping it through repetition or stretching. You end up with these really wild sonic characteristics by focusing on such an atomic piece of the sound. We were super inspired by this, so when we sat down to write cherry blossoms we wanted to apply the same technique to our guitar. Every synth in the song is some amalgamation of vocals or guitar, granularized and melded with other found sounds.

The lyrics and story of cherry blossom reflect this creative process as our protagonist finds themselves looking for the little beauties around them like patterns colors and nature.” – slenderbodies

Stream: Avant Garden / Island Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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