After the self-release of his 2019 18-track debut ‘whatevernowiscalled’, Canadian producer maxime. has charmed audiences all across the globe for his brand of alternative/pop and now continues to stun us with his brand new album ‘cerulean’ which sees him further establish himself as a star on the rise.

‘cerulean’ sees maxime. invite us into his world through sharing his real life experiences under the energetic backdrop of buzzing instrumentation and lo-fi production which carries through plenty of depth throughout the mix. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the colour on offer in ‘cerulean’, with plenty of upbeat tempo on offer to bop your head to for days on end!

“I began writing some of the songs on ‘cerulean’ before my last album was even released. Most of the songs are about girls because apparently that is what I like to spend most of my time thinking about. But when I start a song I almost never have a concrete idea or theme, I just start letting the thoughts flow out.” – maxime.

Stream: maxine.
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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