With his latest releases ‘No Fair Game’ and ‘Typo’ garnering over 2 millions streams collectively on Spotify, Chilean producer Sistek continues to bring the fire with his latest electronic/pop offering ‘More Than Over’ which features the sublime vocals of Jordan Shaw that depict a tale about moving on from a broken relationship.

‘More Than Over’ sees Shaw take centre stage with his relaxed melodies setting the scene alongside Sistek‘s bubbling production that restrains itself until the explosion of colour in the chorus. The message held within the lyrics of coping with a break up are extremely relatable, with Shaw proclaiming ‘do you think about us, when you’re falling for a new love’ or ‘do you think about how you should act when you see me downtown’ immediately strike a chord with listeners, and through Sistek‘s explosive chorus of vocal samples and smashing percussion we see the raw emotion put out on display.

Stream: AWAL
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