These days, everyone wants to dress, act and perform like a French person. Petit Biscuit is French and honestly, anyone who’s trying to imitate what he does, really should give up now – the man is way too talented. Petit Biscuit has just released his new album ‘Parachute’ and it’s an emotional record that shines a light on his unique songwriting. This album is a rollercoaster, one minute you’re feeling calm and the next you’re fired up and ready to let loose. It also explores some of life’s complexities and how Petit Biscuit views them, which is extremely interesting. 

The album’s lead track ‘Parachute’ is very upbeat. Snapping synths and digital ticks leap over computerised notes and atmospherics that drop through hollow pops. The pops bring a tropical element into this track and makes ‘Parachute’ feel like a very fun opener for the album. 

‘Drivin Thru The Night’ is also quite upbeat, with a heavy pop influence weaved into vibrant synths, light snaps and deep synths. ‘Burnin’ on the other hand, allows its pop elements to really glide over sweet guitars, deep popping synths and percussion that is really tight. The guitars bring a sense of calm to the track and it feels really easy to listen to. 

One of the beautiful things about ‘Parachute’ is that Petit Biscuit is able to really balance the pop influences of his melodies with his sharp knowledge of electronic production. His music doesn’t lean on either of these genres too heavily, but instead takes pieces of the genres and blends them together with his lyrics to create a tapestry of engaging music. 

‘Constellation’ is a perfect example of this as the powerful pop and electronic pieces come together to create something that feels celestial. Warped guitars float above gentle atmospherics and when the dreaminess of the song is suddenly interrupted by sharp guitars, you suddenly feel the song’s power and feel uplifted. It’s so gorgeous! ‘Gwana’ is crafted in a similar way to ‘Constellation’. Echoing vocals and gentle guitars really elevate this track. There’s also humming drums that act almost like the song’s heartbeat as they pulsate alongside twinkling samples and fantastical tweaks. The end of the track has some heavy club vibes, showing just how easy it is for Petit Biscuit to flow from dreamy pop-infused electronica to hardcore club beats without any hiccups. It’s a seamless transition. 

The most beautiful track on ‘Parachute’ has to be ‘Hang On’. It closes the album with a gorgeous melody that’s been painted with a strong piano track, humming atmospherics and a slight harshness that is juxtaposed by vibrant, heaving synths. It’s like you’ve been thrown headfirst into a pool of deep electronica and it’s so refreshing to hear.

There are a few collaborations on ‘Parachute’, with Diplo working on ‘Pick Your Battles’ and Shallou appearing on ‘I Leave Again’. ‘Pick Your Battles’ has an intricate guitar track that dances above playful samples and gentle atmospherics. It’s a dreamy dance number that also feels warm. It’s a really good party track that just takes you somewhere magnificent in your mind. ‘I Leave Again’ is a bit different, as it presents a softer vibe. While ‘Pick your Battles’ is warm and vibrant, ‘I Leave Again’ is rich and cool. Decadent tones circle dreamy vocals with soft atmospherics and twinkling synths emphasising the softness of the song. The rise that happens over the course of ‘I Leave Again’ is wonderful and makes ‘I Leave Again’ one of those songs that really makes you feel something.

If there was one track on ‘Parachute’ that really shows Petit Biscuit’s growth as a songwriter, it’s ‘Take Cover’. The vocals are slightly warm and tell a story of war through a lens decorated with samples of gunshots, swirling synths, delicate guitars and light percussion. On this track, the message is very clear and it’s where you get to understand Petit Biscuita little more by seeing a harder topic through his eyes. 

‘Parachute’ is a great album filled with rich melodies and intricate production that shows how Petit Biscuit is continuing to grow as an artist. It’s an album you can easily fall in love with and makes you excited for whatever Petit Biscuit is going to present to the world next. 

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