Phoenix producer BARDZ is coning back to us today with “B Side pt III”, the final instalment in his ep trilogy which was set forth to highlight his songwriting, production, mixing & mastering skills, and if this third instalment is anything to go by, I think it’s safe to safe he’s achieved his goal. 

BARDZ gives us some insight into his favourite track on the ep; 

“‘Seem To Have Forgotten’ is a special track on the EP, as it’s been in progress for years. Parts of this song, including chordal arrangements, instrumentation, and melody have been slowly written and built up over time, in fragments needing a home. When this song was fully realised, all the pieces seemed to finally fit effortlessly together and the rest came naturally, as lyrics were written at the very end.”

After giving “B Side pt. III” a few spins be sure to give parts I & II a few goes as well, they are well worth your time!

Stream via: Black Swan
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