Netherlands/New Zealand producer Malvae brings forth visual imagery and inspiration of the rainforests and wetlands across the globe through his gritty and glitchy new single ‘Slash & Burn’, which also features MAY BBY on the vocal front.

Through the heavy reliance on distorted synths and thumping drums that collectively rip through the soundscape with emphatic force, ‘Slash & Burn’ creates a tumultuous sensation across the piece of which MAY BBY‘s angelic melodies further heighten the intensity of the track with their haunting approach. 

Malvae further outlines the message behind ‘Slash & Burn’: “implements the feelings of fires burning, beauty meeting chaos, making sense of the destruction. The realisation that anything can disappear or appear in a second. When MAY BBY and I met for our session we still had 10 mins left after recording another song. I showed her this idea, and this became the track instead of the one we intended. Building further on that idea of how things can appear and disappear just like that.”

Stream: Malvae
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