Amsterdam singer-songwriter Joya Mooi continues to meld the worlds of alternative/neo-soul/R&B together with impeccable results through her brand new six-track EP ‘Blossom Carefully’.

Featuring previously released singles ‘Good Girl’, ‘Bitter Parts’ and ‘Hold You Tight’, ‘Blossom Carefully’ expands Mooi’s reach within the alternative/neo-soul words through a clear focus on haunting soundscapes that are further heightened by the crisp-sounding drums and gloomy instrumentation that injects a layer of fog through the mix. With Mooi’s stirring vocals floating aimlessly, ‘Blossom Carefully’ leaves us with goosebumps with its minimal yet highly affective composition.

“Normally when I create I tend to reflect on the past but for my EP I wanted to connect to go somewhere I haven’t been. Drawing inspiration from spiritual, social and political themes and personal stories, but mostly my own imagination in order to envision my wishes for the future. On Blossom Carefully I feel like I have constructed a reality where I can be free.” – Joya Mooi

Stream: Nine And A Half
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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