There’s something incredibly relatable about Felivand‘s new EP ‘Nerve’. Whether it’s the narrative she creates with her vocals, or the comforting melodies that are best enjoyed alone, when you’re simply treating yourself to a nice day in the sun, every track on the EP feels good. Experiencing the EP is like experiencing a hot cup of tea, it warms you from the inside out – even if a song takes you into darker territory, it’s still so satisfying to listen to. 

There are more upbeat tracks on ‘Nerve’ that juxtapose the deeper melodies Felivand has put together. 

‘Gone’ is extremely fun and probably one the most danceable song on the EP. The funky vibe is driven by upbeat tones and an energetic bass line. The drums are light and there’s a hint of jazz floating in the sweet percussion that’s elevating the acoustic elements. ‘Gone’ sounds very free, as does ‘Midsummer Sun’, a track you may have already come across. 

‘Midsummer Sun’ uses buzzing synths and tapping tones to really create a light texture for the melody. The atmospherics are vibrant and smooth, with sweet arpeggios and crunchy percussion caressing the neo-soul tone this track encapsulates. The grooves continue with ‘Trajectory’, a song that thrives with its hard piano tones and pulsating bass line. There’s sharp percussion working with suave atmospherics and Felivand’s vocals really just tie the whole project together with those blissful harmonies. 

After experiencing the more buoyant tracks on ‘Nerve’, taking a turn into the darker end feels quite refreshing. 

‘Ebb & Flow’ feels like calm water, rippling past you as if you’re not even there. Twinkling synths twist slightly around the harder drums that push the melody forward. Soft atmospherics keep things light and the lyrics flow throughout the production like subtle waves. It’s a gorgeous composition, as is ‘The Game’, which is probably the darkest song on ‘Nerve’. 

Chiming tones open ‘The Game’ and smoky atmospherics float in between soft cymbals and light drums to create an eerie vibe. The guitars melt into the melody like ice cream on a hot day and Felivand’s delicate harmonies add that touch of light to bring a bit of balance into the piece. 

Finally, to close the EP, we have ‘L/D’, a track that is a gorgeous soundscape full of swooping synths and snapping percussion. ‘L/D’ is the most electronically driven song on ‘Nerve’, with barely any acoustic elements at all. Instead, the synths and rounded atmospherics compliment Felivand’s vocals and end the EP on a short and almost poetic note. 

‘Nerve’ is an EP for those who love having music as a companion. Each song has a wonderful melody that you can connect with and a narrative that feels familiar and comforting. It’s like the EP understands how you’re feeling when you’re lost in your thoughts when you’re alone at home and instead of distracting you from those thoughts, it enhances them and helps you feel comfortable with them. It might sound odd that a six-track EP can make you feel like that but if you press play, you’ll see what I mean. 

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