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LA-based multi-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter Baird comes through with one of the most carefree and laid-back releases we’ve come across this year through his brand new single ‘Beluga Baby’, the second from his his forthcoming project ‘BIRDSONGS Vol 2.’ coming out October 20th.

Centred around those crooning guitars, being a combination of electric and acoustic melding together so effortlessly, ‘Beluga Baby’ lures you in with its mesmerising soundscape that is heightened significantly by Baird‘s smooth vocals floating above the instrumentation in a breezy manner. Coupled with some lively percussion that transfers plenty of groove to the mix, ‘Beluga Baby’ generates significant flavour and colour throughout its duration that you just can’t help immersing yourself in.

“’Beluga Baby’ is a love song I wrote to a car. Last spring, my friend lent me her ’98 Subaru Forrester to use for the summer. She was living in NYC and I drove the car (named Beluga) down from the city to Baltimore. I had recorded the guitar lick in my voice memos and after playing around with it in my studio room, I came up with the hook. When I wrote the last line, it dawned on me that the song might as well be written to my partner for the summer, the car. I imagined a world in which I lived in Los Angeles and rode around in Beluga with the radio blaring.” – Baird

Stream: Orioles Music
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