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Leeds based four-piece Noya Rao continue to bring forward utterly irresistible offerings each and every time they release new music, and in the case of their latest five-track EP ‘Stay’ the outfit have taken significant strides forward with their extremely vibrant soundscapes on offer. 

‘Stay’ includes previously released singles ‘Pina’ and ‘Heaven Bound’, as well as three previously unheard tracks that collectively provide plenty of texture throughout their depth in both instrumentation and production. With various elements of electronic, soul, jazz and alternative influence scattered throughout the EP, Noya Rao allow themselves to appeal to a much wider audience with their adaptability of sound that appeals to essentially every music taste going around.

We selected the songs on this EP for their energy and hope they exude a tone of the season. It’s music that you want to listen to as the sun sets, it’s music that makes you feel something.” – Noya Rao 

Stream: Icaros Records
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