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After recently returning back to our hearts with his last single ‘Good Company’, German producer Mogul brings forth an intoxicating groover titled ‘Mixed Messages’ which features the stunning vocals of Ehmji and Javeon that inject a heavy amount of soul into the invigorating mix.

There’s plenty of swagger to go around in ‘Mixed Messages’, whether that’s from the commanding vocals which ooze confidence in their commanding individual efforts of the enlightening instrumentation on offer from Mogul. Featuring a grooving bass line, crisp percussion and a welcoming use of horns to brighten the mix to the highest possible levels, ‘Mixed Messages’ is impossible not to love with its addictive tempo and colour splashing about.

“I was listening to a lot of organic music these past months and became super
inspired. I realised I wanted to incorporate more live elements in my music and give it an
analog and warm touch. That’s why I started the production with piano, guitar and strings
and finally added some brass and horn sections on top. I loved the feeling these gave me on
the “Mixed Messages” composition as they further improved on the impact of the hook.” – Mogul

Stream: Sidekick Music
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