French artist Khamsin provides us with a lush and ambient soundscape full of wonder with his brand new single ‘Led By The Sun’, a cinematic glimpse of what’s to come in his debut album of the same name that features his close friends Saavan.

‘Led By The Sun’ begins with plenty of open space for the building instrumentation to make its presence felt. With punchy drums slapping through the mix, as well as the energising electronic presence held in the synths and bass on offer, ‘Led By The Sun’ gives you that burst of energy with its swift surge in intensity that is complimented by the lightness of both vocals that adds the final layer to the palate. 

“Led By The Sun, as it fits into the narrative of the full record, is still in the opening phase of discovery and excitement but as it ends, the negative repercussions begin to show themselves. This song is meant to inspire people to chase their dreams no matter what happens along the way.” – Khamsin

Stream: bitbird
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