After smashing onto the scene in a major way with his debut single ‘Hold On Me’ earlier this year, Australian producer Reggie Banks returns alongside fellow Aussie artist Keelan Mak for his soulfully inspired sophomore release ‘Steady’.

‘Steady’ travels through with a mellow tempo that is accentuated further by the tantalising electronic influence full of building bass, sharp and resilient synths and an R&B-styled groove in the drums that sets the lively foundations for Mak’s emotionally-fuelled melodies that melt through the mix like butter.

Steady came from a place of hopelessness where I was tied to someone on the other side of the world. I couldn’t be there for them and the relationship felt fragile. Steady became a form of strength for me where I could tell them I’d be there if they needed me.” – Keelan Mak


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