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US producer Max Fry has teamed up with Canadian artist Lhasa Petik for a stunning yet delicate new single titled ‘Take it Slow’ which travels majestically through its three-minute duration with an enlightening soundscape.

There is plenty of beautiful elements within ‘Take it Slow’, none more so than Petik’s delightful vocals that immediately get stuck in your head with their catchiness. With Fry’s lo-fi inspired instrumentation of the light ukulele strumming and enforcing synths working in cohesion with the vocals to build up the intensity throughout its duration, ‘Take it Slow’ maintains its minimalistic approach with well calculated production tactics that must be admired.

“Take It Slow” may seem like a plea to a lover upon first listen. However, it is actually a dialogue between Lhasa’s current and former self, following a whirlwind year of loving and letting go. It describes her thought process while letting go of a relationship that she struggled to move on from; “you were looking for a way out, I made you take the long route.” – Max Fry

Stream: Sonder House
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