Machinedrum comes through with two splendid new singles titled ‘Kain Train’ which features none other than Freddie Gibbs on the vocal front, and ‘Ur2Yung’ which are the latest cuts from his forthcoming new album ‘A View of U’ scheduled for release in October.

What we see most evidently in these two singles is the continual development of Machinedrum‘s multifaceted approach to his production, with a vast array of genres blending together for a delicious sound palate. ‘Kane Train’ steps into the the hip hop realm with crisp beats hitting quite hard in the mix, whilst the vibrant horns and keys further heighten the swift tempo that is set alight by Gibbs’ playful melodies. In ‘Ur2Yung’, we witness a cross-genre delight with a vast array of colour coming out to play and providing plenty of infectious grooves for us to immerse ourselves in.

“I view myself from outside myself with love and admiration, proud of all my achievements as well as the wisdom I’ve gained from failures…It is from this out of body place of loving awareness and non-judgement that I am able to objectively look at all my behaviours, thoughts, feelings and emotions.” – Machinedrum

Stream: Ninja Tune
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