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We’ve been absolutely spoilt by Sydney’s Lamalo this year with a plethora of new music that has raised the bar each and every time. Now the duo have continued the trend of releasing a new song per month with their latest tune titled ‘Six Feet Under’ which features the vocals of Charlotte Adelle.

‘Six Feet Under’ begins in a minimalistic manner that showcases the three key elements to the tracks composition: a growling bass, punchy drums and Adelle’s enchanting melodies. Lamalo perfectly combines these elements to transfer a smooth and laid-back tempo throughout the piece, whilst not complicating the mix with various elements clashing with each other and instead giving themselves plenty of room to move within.

“The song is about burying the love you had for someone. Realising all the things that weren’t right in the relationship and taking the rose-tinted glasses off.” – Lamalo

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