With fans counting down the days till their second album ‘Hyper Romance’ drops into our hearts, UK duo Jadu Heart continue to mesmerise us all with a gripping new single titled ‘Burning Hour’ that fans of LANKS will absolutely adore.

With a haunting vocal approach courtesy of the reverb effect lathered across the melodies, ‘Burning Hour’ lures you in with its wonder and builds the intensity in a subtle nature through the uplifting drums and tantalising synths and guitars that leads to an explosion of sound in the latter stages of the piece. Jadu Heart further emphasise the nature influence within their sound palate in the accompanying music video, full of colourful backdrops and artistic effects that drive the narrative of pain and suffering that little bit further.

“We all perform rituals to keep our hearts above water, Burning Hour is about embracing that to the point of no return, where you might find yourself drowning” – Jadu Heart

Stream: VLF Records
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