With a string of singles already under his belt this year, glue70 returns with the ultimate collection of laid-back styled music with his brand new ‘2070’ album via Majestic Casual Records that will be the perfect addition to any lounge inspired playlist out there.

glue70 brings forth 12 individual tracks in ‘2070’, and within this track list we see an emphasis on the mellow tempo that is accentuated by some grooving percussion holding that backbone in tact. Through the additions of some further colour within the vibrant keys, the incredibly smooth basses and floating melodies on offer, we see an inviting colour palate on display that you instantly want to immerse yourself within.

‘This project is an exploration of my thoughts, dreams and ideas. Both introspective and extroverted, 2070 bounces back and forth through different mind states, like walking through the many different rooms in my brain hotel. Enjoy your stay!’ – glue70

Stream: Majestic Casual Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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