After giving us the first taste of their forthcoming collaborative EP just a few weeks ago, London duo fika & Fabich are back yet again with another impressive glimpse with their second single ‘Missing Me’ that delves into those feelings of love at first sight that we can all relate to!

In a similar vein to ‘Mean’, ‘Missing Me’ sees plenty of colour added to the mix through the use of some lively guitar riffs, uplifting synths and silky bass lines hidden in the backdrop that lay the foundations for the effortlessly charismatic vocals that perfectly depict the romantic notions held within the lyricism. 

‘Missing Me was the first track we ever wrote with Chris. He’d already worked on the beat with Sam Knowles (Karma Kid) and gave it a spin as we were getting to know each other a bit.’ – fika

Stream: Unity Records
Fika: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram
Fabich: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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