2020 has been a big year for Brisbane’s FeelsClub. After releasing their killer EP ‘SUB.ALT.GEN01’ (which features ‘Lies’, the one song I keep singing along to in my car), the band have been showcasing their more electronic-focused sound in the lead up to a second EP release in September. The band’s latest track ‘skin’ is their most synth-heavy release to date and it also serves as a sign of the times, focusing on themes people around the world have no doubt gone through over the last few months. 

Lyrically, ‘skin’ focuses on imposter syndrome as well as self-improvement. As the band’s lead vocalist St Jonnie explains, “The lyrics themselves address the imposter syndrome you can face when you start to try and correct your behaviours. Be it learning to call out your own toxic traits by choice or force, or just learning to understand what your personal boundaries are and asking others to respect them. All in all, it can be a very confronting thing. It’s like you have this whole new person trying to fit into and walk around in your old skin.”

These strong lyrics are then juxtaposed with a dancefloor-ready melody that’s driven by pulsating rhythms, swooshing synths and ethereal atmospherics. The whole song feels like a transformation. It starts slow, with the atmospherics and echoing vocals taking charge before the heavy beat dives in and by the end of the track, you feel lighter and loose. 

FeelsClub are a very versatile band. Every song they’ve released this year has its own unique flavour and nothing feels repetitive. When their second EP of the year dropping on September 24, it’s pretty clear that we’ll be presented with a collection of songs that really show the world how exciting the music of FeelsClub is. 

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