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There’s nothing better than knowing you have talented friends and creating something beautiful together. Usually, The Nicholas creates music on his own, but for his new EP ‘Silverside’, he’s collaborated with some of his favourite musicians (who also happen to be his friends) and created a collection of songs that, in all honesty, are so damn gorgeous you cannot help but feel totally relaxed when you listen to them. 

Every song on ‘Silverside’ has wonderfully intricate production that compliments the artist providing the vocals. On ‘Blink’, trickling samples open the track and swooping synths wrap themselves around Akurei’s soft vocals creating a cosy cocoon of sound. This song is so sweet, as is ‘Rockshow’ which features vocals from Odessa. Unlike ‘Blink’, ‘Rockshow’ uses acoustic elements to compliment the vocal track. Soft guitars and wished drums make the rock show that Odessa is singing about feel like a dream. The trickling synths are also back again, dancing over the melody and everything feels blissful. Every element of ‘Rockshow’ is balanced perfectly and it just fills your head with memories of the last rock show you went to and how exciting it was. 

‘Cardboard Box’ is a bit different from ‘Blink’ and ‘Rockshow’. A groovy bass line leads ‘Cardboard Box’ and light, echoing guitars float alongside Sofie Winterson’s breathy vocals making for a funky track that may not be too energetic, but still has you moving. I’m a sucker for a song that has a cool bassline and gentle atmospherics, so ‘Cardboard Box’ is a winner for me – especially because the song flows so smoothly that it feels just as satisfying as running a knife through room temperature butter. 

‘Grocery Store’ flows really smoothly as well, with a textured guitar track and a light bass line carrying the song forward. Golden Vessel’s vocals float above the melody and the compliment either other brilliantly. Everything on ‘Grocery Store’ feels easy and simple, just like the vision of fresh food and sunshine that Golden Vessel describes in the lyrics. If everything was this easy, everything will be much similar. It’s not, but at least we can pretend it is when we listen to this song. The last collaboration on ‘Silverside’ may only last 57 seconds, but it still sounds delicious. Appleby provided echoing vocals for ‘Waves’, a brief interlude of intricate guitars and trickling synths that sounds absolutely magical. It’s like a deep breath – it may be quick, but ‘Waves’ feels like time has slowed down and you can just be present for just under a minute. 

Every single song on ‘Silverside’ makes you feel good, but ‘Pop Up’ is the one track that will make you feel at ease most of all. I wish I knew why, but I don’t. ‘Pop Up’ is the only non-collaborative track on the EP and has The Nicholas’ own vocals floating over analogue-driven synths and crisp samples. The light bassline adds texture to the melody and the popping samples keeps things a bit playful. This is The Nicholas at his best and it feels good to allow ‘Pop Up’ to just transport you to a vibrant place in your mind. 

If I could sum up ’Silverside’ in one word, with would probably be easy. Every song on the EP just flows well, with nothing feeling out of place. You don’t feel stressed when you listen to ’Silverside’ because somehow, The Nicholas (and his very talented friends) have made a collection of songs that help melt away all of your issues and allow you to just breathe for a bit. How great is that?!

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