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Madrid based DJ/producer Miqui Brightside has utilised his time in lockdown to inspire his latest sonic odyssey ’19 More Days’ that instills an infectious deep house influence across its journey. 

’19 More Days’ relies heavily on the lively tempo created in the percussion to set the fast-pace of the track, that is complimented by the alluring synths and deepened bass that creates a thick wall of sound that rises to the occasion during the pivotal moments of the track. Accompanying the release is the stunning music video directed by Melania Brescia that further signifies the influence of the current pandemic we all face, and showcases the experience of navigating lockdown.

“I’ve been producing tonnes of beats and songs during this lock-down, but ’19 More Days’ is no doubt the song that I wanted to release first. I gave it this title because it’s the amount of days that we were supposed to have left in Spain to come back to the streets and to come back to our lives when the first house arrest happened due to the virus. ’19 More Days’ is a song that expresses without vocals that situation we all experienced; a cloud of uncertainty, nostalgia and hope that enveloped the entire world. Melania Brescia did outstanding work with the video, depicting the evolution each person lived in their personal lives.” – Miqui Brightside

Stream: Ground Control
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