Nick Ward is a name that we’ll all be seeing a lot of very soon. He is a very talented Australian newcomer who has a few impressive releases under his belt already and he’s got a whole lot more where that has come from as well.

This week he’s launching his own web-series called “Kill Your Darlings” where he’ll be giving us all a very personal behind the scenes look into the making of his music and himself as a person and artist. 

“Kill Your Darlings’ is a web series I’ve started with my friends and collaborators. It will document the making of my first project, but will also be a platform to discuss the ins-and-outs of being a young artist.

It’s essentially the show I wish I saw when I was 16 and starting music, because there’s nowhere near enough stuff online where artists are being transparent about their process.

However, it isn’t just a ‘documentary’ – it’s essentially whatever we feel like making at the time, whether that’s a video-art piece, an interview with one of my heroes, a skit/mockumentary show or a collection of unused music videos.” – Nick Ward

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