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Earlier this month we were introduced to the title track of his forthcoming EP, and now after much anticipation London producer Duskus delivers the finished ‘Rising’ EP that is a masterclass in sound design with its highly engaging production on offer.

All four tracks within the ‘Rising’ track listing showcase the skillset of Duskus at the highest quality, with a crystal-clear polish lathered across the energetic soundscapes that are jam-packed with robust and enforcing synths that stab their way into the heart of the mix, and work in cohesion with the engaging melodies on offer to captivate all of our senses.

“When working on this EP, a lot of my focus was more into the sound design which is something new to me. I realised that the sound of something can actually evoke emotion, and I wanted to focus as much attention on this as I could.” – Duskus

Stream: Bitbird
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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