Disclosure is one of the best acts to come out of the UK in the last decade – there I said it. It’s rare to find an act that can balance traditional house with poppy accents and have them both live together in harmony with fans of both genres giving their tick of approval. But, Disclosure has done it and their latest release ‘My High’, not only blends these two genres together, but it also brings a third element to the party that the duo hasn’t been able to explore. 

‘My High’ features vocals from Amine and slowthai and it may just be the most fun your ears will have this week. There’s an energy that both Amine and slowthai bring to the table that just makes Disclosure’s kinetic production pack more of a punch than usual. ‘My High’ has so much personality and the bouncing beat, swift percussion, club synths and house samples all come together perfectly to create one awesome party track you’ll want to have on repeat. 

This is of course just a taste of Disclosure’s upcoming album ‘Energy’, which features an epic list of collaborators like Common, Channel Tres, Kehlani and Kelis just to name a few. Disclosure has always had a knack for pairing epic house melodies with wonderful vocals to create tracks that will be circulating parties and club nights for years to come and honestly, I have a feeling we’ll be listening to ‘My High’ for a really, really long time. 

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