20 year old songwriter/producer ARIA comes through with the final addition to his three-part single rollout titled ‘Love Long’, a darkened and sombre offering full of brooding electronic influence that shatters the mix right to its core.

ARIA grabs our attention immediately with the lo-fi acoustic guitars and vocals that lure you in with much intrigue to see how things pan out in this release. ‘Love Long’ delivers a serious amount of soaring energy into the arena thanks to the siren-styled synths piercing through the mix, and intensifying the emotionally-charged vocals that command significant presence.

“Love Long happened so fast, back in 2018. The acoustic guitar parts you hear throughout are actually from the original voice memo, they fit so well and I couldn’t replicate it, so they stayed. This track and the two that came before it all tell parts of the same story, and this one is about letting it go. I hope that one of these tracks can be something you can hold on to.” – ARIA

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