Aussie siblings Yuto. are coming back to us this week with their exciting new single ‘Apple & Peach’, which has them teaming up with Sydney hip-hop/R&B artist BOY SODA for his mad vocal skills.

As the boys explain below, ‘Apple & Peach’ was one of those songs that was quick and easy to make, and they had the perfect vocalist in mind for it as well…

“We wrote, recorded & mixed this song super quickly at our home studio in Melbourne. After working with BOY SODA on our previous single ‘Hazy’, we were really keen to work with him again so we sent him the demo for ‘Apple & Peach’. He got back to us pretty much straight away and he absolutely nailed it.” – Yuto. 

“The song to me was a fun way to look at my horrific money management skills through a funny story line haha. We’ve all thought at some point ‘If only money grew on trees’ because financial stress is the worst and I wanted to look at it in a light way.” – BOY SODA

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