French producer Myd comes through with an anthemic & infectious banger that will guaranteed get you on the dance floor and moving like there’s no tomorrow titled ‘Together We Stand’, as well as the hilarious music video to accompany!

Acting as the first glimpse of his forthcoming album, ‘Together We Stand’ also sees Myd step out on his own with his own vocals taking centre stage across the track. With a thumping four to the floor beat, and soaring synths and pulsating synth bass playing off of each other, ‘Together We Stand’ showcases its lively and quirky nature most prevalently in the accompanying music video where we see Myd in various locations across Los Angeles and dancing away with not a care in the world!

“Together We Stand” talks about a community of people who devote their lives to the community. I wrote most of the album when I was on tour, and after the release of my first EP on Ed Banger, I saw this community around us and the electronic community [as a whole]. It’s a bit too cheesy for me to translate it like “hey, everyone is dancing on the dance floor and girls are beautiful,” so I chose a different way. I translated it as if it was a community all living together and dedicating a part of their life to the music. It’s almost talking about a cult.” – Myd

Stream: Ed Banger
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