Two very talented Australians, Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) and Connor Grant (aka Akurei) are announcing the launch of their very own independent record label sumoclic today, which they say will be home to their own releases as well as a few collaborative projects that they might have in the works. 

“Connor and I have been friends for 5 years now and we quickly started doing everything together. We work very closely on each other’s music, I do a lot of the visual stuff for Akurei and Connor helps me tour Golden Vessel among other things. 18 months ago we had the idea of starting a company for us to release our music through, but also do other collaborative projects and events. We’ve called it “sumoclic” and that’s what we’re launching today!” – Maxwell Byrne

“sumoclic is the next step in Maxwell and I’s collaborative friendship. It’s exciting to finally have a space for the music and projects we’re working on together and individually. We’ll be sharing the first of those projects very soon!” – Connor Grant

They both have some new music to share with us very soon, but before we get to the new stuff let’s revisit some of the old stuff (from like a few months ago) to help moisten our anticipation. 

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