As the world goes deeper into self-isolation, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and continue to support each other as much as we possibly can.

Acid Stag has launched a new series titled “CABIN FEVER” where we ask artists from all over the world to give us some insight into how self-isolation has affected their creativity and mental health, and also ask what they have/will be doing to keep their sanity and creativity flowing through these difficult times.

We’re very spoilt today, as we’ve got both Lost Frequencies and Zonderling chatting to us today!

1. What is your current situation; are you at home alone, with family, or friends?

Lost Frequencies: I’m currently at home in Belgium with my girlfriend so being able to spend time at home and not on tour is something I’m appreciating. I’m having deeper conversations with my family, reading a lot more and spending as much time in the studio as I can.

Zonderling: We’re both based in Groningen, the Netherlands, so that’s where we are at basically. Normally our lives are filled with a lot of travelling, and we haven’t been at home for such a long period in quite a while actually. I (Jaap) live on my own, with a bearden dragon, and Martijn lives with his family.

2. Have you been dealing with any mental health issues as a result of this isolation?

Lost Frequencies: I think we all have been effected mentally in some way, feeling disconnected from family and friends, missing the day-to-day routines that we usually follow but we now have to adapt to a new normal. I’m lucky that I have a great support network around me and I’ve been doing lots of Zoom calls and checking in with loved ones. We’ve been enjoying BBQ’s in the garden with the great weather we’ve been having.

Zonderling: We’re fortunate that both us personally, as the people close and dear to us, are all doing well. Something that we don’t take for granted.

3. What have you been doing to manage your mental state (e.g. meditation, yoga, writing music etc).

Lost Frequencies: I’ve completely ramped up the time I’m spending in the studio; I’ve just recently released two remixes for Major Lazer and Ellie Goulding which was super fun to work on, and I also have a remix package for my latest single ‘Love To Go’ dropping soon with some edits I love from Icarus, Zonderling, MOTi and more that I can’t wait for you to all hear! So yes, lots of studio projects and unwinding on my terrace.

Zonderling: Don’t believe we’ve been doing anything different from what we’d normally do, watching our space and go out less of course. But besides that, we just kept doing what we were already doing. Martijn works in the studio, and I run VISION, a record label owned by Noisia (which Martijn is 1/3 of). Besides that, I personally tried to spend some more time outside, go cycling, running. Also tried maintaining some sport activities at home but happy I can do that again, outside, it’s lovely. And speaking of lovely, I also started taking cold showers every morning.

4. Have you tried collaborating with other artists online, and if that is a yes, do you feel this has helped you feel less isolated & confined?

Lost Frequencies: I’m always working on projects and sometimes with touring so much before COVID, this sometimes was the most effective way to work and now, it is the only way. I miss meeting up with other producers and DJs at festivals and throwing out ideas in person but, we have to see the positives as the internet has united us to be able to still communicate and stay close during these times.

Zonderling: The collabs that were already in the making, went on as usual. That happens through the internet, so isolation rarely has an effect on that if you ask us. As a matter of fact, our latest song, a collaboration with Lost Frequencies came out at the start of the lockdown. It was all done online, we’ve never even met Kelvin Jones, who sings on the song, in real life. Hopefully that is something we can make up for in the future.

5. Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with fellow artists and your fans?

Lost Frequencies: This won’t be forever! Stay safe, stay well and stay positive!

Zonderling: We all know it, this situation right now just sucks in so many ways. No need to pretend it doesn’t. But…there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep working on your craft, create, but also…feel at ease to just chill and do nothing at all for once. It’s all good.

  1. What is your “go-to” song right now?

Lost Frequencies: Oscar House’s latest track ‘Koala (Keep It Lit)’; he’s signed to my label Found Frequencies and I loved how he really took it deeper with this track! 

Zonderling: There’s always too many, but this one came out today and we both absolutely love it. We’d like to try something like this in the Zonderling atmosphere, who knows how that can turn out. It’s featured in this recent set we did in our studio, give it a go and perhaps it can help entertain you in these challenging times.

You should check out Lost Frequencies and Zonderling‘s latest single ‘Love To Go’, which is out now via Found Frequencies / Armada Music:

Lost Frequencies: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Zonderling: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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