As the world goes deeper into self-isolation, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and continue to support each other as much as we possibly can.

Acid Stag has launched a new series titled “CABIN FEVER” where we ask artists from all over the world to give us some insight into how self-isolation has affected their creativity and mental health, and also ask what they have/will be doing to keep their sanity and creativity flowing through these difficult times.

On today’s edition we’re touching base with Dan Whitford from Cut Copy!

What is your current situation; are you at home alone, with family, or friends?
Dan: I’m at home with my girlfriend, isolating the past couple of months.

Have you been dealing with any mental health issues as a result of this isolation?
Dan: While I don’t think I’ve had any major problems, it certainly has been challenging not being able to see family or friends through this time. It’s also something where I’ve tended to have good days and bad days. I think I’ve realised that in my normal life that I rely on my time away from home to reset, and it’s harder to do that when you’re confined to the one place.

What have you been doing to manage your mental state (e.g. meditation, yoga, writing music etc).
Dan: I’ve spent a little time with music. I have a studio set up at home so working from home is definitely a viable option. But I think the lack of outside stimulation has made it feel a little like creating within a vacuum. So having so much home time hasn’t necessarily felt productive. I have enjoyed doing a few things I haven’t don’t much of for years through, like painting and spending time gardening. So I think some of those simple activities have helped.

Have you tried collaborating with other artists online, and if that is a yes, do you feel this has helped you feel less isolated & confined?
Dan: Not so much.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with fellow artists and your fans?
Dan: I’m not sure I have any wisdom per se. But I do hope that people are staying safe and healthy through this challenging time. And on the positive side when things do start to open up again it might be a good opportunity to actually rebuild things in a better way, particularly to live more sustainably with greater awareness of our environment and each other.

What is your “go-to” song right now?
Dan: I’ve been listening to ‘Something in the Sadness’ by Four Tet. 

Make sure you check out Cut Copy‘s new single ‘Love Is All We Share’ which is out now via Cutters Records.

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One thought on “CABIN FEVER with Cut Copy

  1. Andy Curtin says:

    Cut copy seem to be one of the top sources of quality electronic music at the moment. Keep it up guys! This is my first experience of four tet and i’m well impressed. I knew they’d been around for awhile and i’m glad to have made the connection ?

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