Alextbh‘s star has been rising slowly and steadily for quite a few years and now, with a debut EP on the way and a brand spanking new track, I think it’s about time the world knew what I was talking about when I mention Alextbh in conversation. The Malaysian artist has just released his new song ‘Between’ and it’s so seductive, so sexy that after this, no one will be able to forget Alextbh.

‘Between’ is one of the first times Alextbh has experimented with sexuality in his songwriting and the lyrics of this track really explore the raw energy of lust and how it can build so quickly between two people. A heavy beat drives the track forward with intention, it’s as if the beat is actually adrenalin building inside the body and the RnB influenced melody is simply the mind responding to the adrenalin. The sliding synths and swooping samples not only give ‘Between’ texture, but it also gives it extension and honestly, it makes the whole listening experience more exciting. The buzzing synths at the song’s crescendo really drives it home and just gives it another edge that makes it feel so perfect. 

This song stretches Alextbh’s talents whilst also highlighting him as a person and letting us into his world a little bit more. Let’s also not forget that ‘Between’ is sexy as hell and the raw emotion that shines through the melody can be felt within the first few bars. When you’re listening to ‘Between’, you’re gonna feel good… really good. 

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