Every time I listen to a single released by Kllo, I feel good. The Melbourne duo’s latest single ‘Still Here’ is no different. To me, it just feels right – these guys know how to put together a deeply emotive song. ‘Still Here’ is the first single from Kllo’s sophomore LP ‘Maybe We Could’ that’s currently due for release in July and, honestly, it’s a wonderful opener. 

Chloe Kaul’s soft lyrics swim amongst a delicate beat and atmospheric synths to create an air of melancholy. The thing is though, this track doesn’t feel like something you’d listen to while you’re feeling sad. Although there are notes of gloom, there’s also a lighter mood. The buzzing samples help to lift things up and a scattered vocal tick brings a very subtle club vibe to the track. The juxtaposition of the sombre atmospherics and the lively samples make ‘Still Here’ a very unique piece. 

If Kllo’s new LP feels as intriguing as ‘Still Here’ does, then it’s definitely going to be an exciting album. 

Stream: Good Manners
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