As the world goes deeper into self-isolation, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and continue to support each other as much as we possibly can.

Acid Stag has launched a new series titled “CABIN FEVER” where we ask artists from all over the world to give us some insight into how self-isolation has affected their creativity and mental health, and also ask what they have/will be doing to keep their sanity and creativity flowing through these difficult times. 

Today instalment stars no other than Australian royalty Alice Ivy!

What is your current situation; are you at home alone, with family, or friends?
Alice Ivy: I’m living in a share house with another couple, which is actually really great because we really get along and everyone is into doing cute household activities and when one of us is feeling down we look out for each other. Yesterday my housemate Willow and I cleared all of the furniture in the living room and did Alex Dyson’s online Zumba stream class which was soo much fun. Anyway I feel like my housing situation is lucky!

Have you been dealing with any mental health issues as a result of this isolation?
Alice Ivy: I think the thing that I’m struggling with this most is the constant bad news flowing in from everywhere in the world, and we have no idea when it will stop. But, I’ve been really focusing on different aspects of my life that I normally don’t have time for, like doing heaps of exercise, playing FIFA and checking in with my family everyday. ALSO I recently got a puppy named “Kewpie” (see photo below) so everyday I’m waking up to her biting my head. So life’s different but not all in a negative way. 

What have you been doing to manage your mental state (e.g. meditation, yoga, writing music etc).
Alice Ivy: I’m trying to do one exercise a day, and I have a to do list that I keep manageable, so it feels like I’m achieving things everyday. Also doing things as a house we all sit down and have lunch together, or go outside and play with the dogs, or make scones. But besides that I’ve been pretty busy with production work too which is good! For me as long as I keep busy I’ll be ok.

Have you tried collaborating with other artists online, and if that is a yes, do you feel this has helped you feel less isolated & confined?
Alice Ivy: Collaborating with other artists is my favourite thing to do and it’s definitely easier to do when you are in the room with the other artist, BUT I have for a couple of years now been collaborating with artists online so it’s not entirely new to me. But Zoom has made it so much easier for sure! Getting on video calls with different artists and even just talking to friends is really really helpful in not making you feel isolated.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with fellow artists and your fans?
Alice Ivy: Check in with your family and friends as much as you can and think about little things you can do for people that would make their day, even if it’s a little hello message or tagging them in some dumb meme. But STAY THE F*CK HOME hehe. If we all do our part we can get through this!

What is your go-to track for ‘Feeling Good’?
Alice Ivy: Lovely Day by Bill Withers

Check out Alice Ivy‘s latest single ‘Don’t Sleep’ (featuring imbi and boi) which is available now via Dew Process.

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