Oslo producer Rootkit carefully balances the tightrope between elegance and sheer force with his latest release titled ‘Only Knew’, which features Nevve on vocals for his first release under San Holo‘s bitbird imprint.

Rootkit takes us on a cinematic soundscape in the piece’s early stages, through the use of atmospheric elements which fill the room alongside Nevve‘s echoed melodies. As ‘Only Knew’ builds through the subtle injection of electronic influence, Rootkit shifts the intensity into fourth gear with emphatic drums tearing the mix apart, as well as blaring synths splashing an array of colour across the composition.

‘Only knew was made after I received some vocals from Nevve. I decided to try a lot of different things with the vocals and ended up with 2 versions of the song. The version first being released I wanted to refresh my old drumstep style of music and hopefully in the way bring something new to the table. 

It’s a track people can listen at home and get inspired from, while it’s also made to be played on big speakers and be enjoyed in live sets.’ – Rootkit

Stream: bitbird
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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