Australian producer Perto continues to take significant strides so early on in his career with his latest hard hitting single ‘Remain’, which features Mixed Matches on the vocal front.

Perto focuses on a thumping percussive base in ‘Remain’, that breaks right through the core of the mix and provides a staggering base of which the remaining instrumentation can build atop of. Utilising the haunting melodies of Mixed Matches that add to the layers of obscurity already prevalent, ‘Remain’ dives into a uniqueness well beyond Perto‘s years.

“I was on SoundCloud and I searched a song but his came up instead, and I thought, ‘F*ck, he’s incredible!’  I just DM’d him one day and said, ‘Please send me something — I’m dying to work with you’. That’s how that happened. I made the whole song with what he sent me in a day. We’ve never even been on a phone call together.” – Perto

Stream: Warner Music Australia
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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