LeyeT and Labit combine their forces for one of the smoothest tracks you’ll hear titled ‘Here For You’ that brings forth a strong message about having deep conversations with your close ones.

Drawing echoes of Vallis Alps, ‘Here For You’ focuses itself on utilising the beauty within the organic instrumentation of the rhythmic guitar licks and crisp beats whilst injected an electronic influence without overbearing the soundscape, thus ensuring a very smooth sound palate.

We wrote it with two of our best friends in mind Lisa and Justin – thinking how do we write the modern day version of ‘You’ve Got A Friend’? The message ties so well with Justin’s company Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay which is all about building a community that encourages people to have meaningful discussions with those they care about. We both really resonate with MSYFAO’s mission and are so happy to get to collaborate with our friends in this way…what life’s all about. ” – LeyeT

Stream: Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay
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One thought on “LeyeT x Labit – ‘Here For You’

  1. Frankie Hanlon says:

    love everything about this song

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