It’s rare coming up in a city oversaturated with good dance music to not only carve a niche for yourself but to truly make a lasting impact on the ears that so much great talent tragically falls deafly upon. With 2020 marking half a decade since the debut of the national classic ‘Define’ that served as something of a launchpad for the Melbourne-based producer’s career, it’s rarer still not to have caught Dom Dolla sweating it out at one of his many headline shows or festival appearances, the likes of which he is no stranger. But what is perhaps the most uncommon of all is his ability to pull large crowds over and over, due largely in part to consistently delivering a variety of hits and unreleased music with a multi-genre range that spans everything from disco jams to tech-house heaters not only over the air but at party after party after party. What results is not just an artist, but a brand that no doubt has created a ‘sure-thing’ culture of re-occurring patronage, so much so that the conversational context of catching a Dom Dolla show for the two-dozenth time doesn’t even begin to sound hyperbolic.

Along for the ride is the groovy Mady Mooda, the techno thrashing duo in Market Memories, tech-house rising star Jordan Brando, and long time ‘Be Randy’ collaborator and good friend Torren Foot. After the refreshingly welcome honesty of its initial cancellation due to weather and safety concerns the week prior, the Coburg Velodrome delivers again as something of an eclectic but practical location, with no issues with regards to bar service, food selection and bathroom accessibility. It’s not perfect but it’s crazy to see a single artist throw a party the sheer size and scale of a small festival, and a far cry from such humble beginnings as 2017’s Dom Dolla/Torren Foot hosted La Di Da laneway party of which the pair’s performances are remembered just as fondly.

With the incredible if not somewhat overeager 29-degree and sunny backdrop falling away to a clear, star-studded evening, there is a clear shift in energy as Dom takes the stage for an extended 2-hour journey into a showcase of the discography that has propelled him to such great heights as not only a household name but also now something more of a precursor to a good time. Untitled. Group’s greenery-riddle stage lights up with LED’s and strobes, fissures of confetti and smoke erupt into the air and an almost allegorical familiarity ceremoniously takes centre stage like something to the effect of a ritualistic guide through what you know is going to be a curation nothing short of another great night in with none other than the grand trip advisor himself.

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2 thoughts on “Dom Dolla – Day Party In The Drome, VIC [Review]

  1. Sonidos says:

    WE LOOK GOOD!! Thanks for having us!

  2. suonerie says:

    He looks so nice. Thank you for sharing

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