London-based artist Zac Pajak brings forth his second single of the year titled ‘Not Around’ that swims around the waters of electronic/pop with a crystal clear polish.

With a stripped back introduction featuring minimal instrumentation, the mix is manipulated perfectly to allow the space for Pajak’s alluring tones to capture your attention immediately before the upbeat instrumentation comes to the forefront from the chorus on wards.

The accompanying music video delves that little bit deeper into the emotional message compiled in the lyrics about loss and heartache. Directed by Loona Kasemets (The Graft), this visual representation showcases a full circle of the story from happiness in a relationship into the insecurities created once that relationship has reached its course.

Let’s face it – it’s a sad song about accepting the absence of a loved one. With the video we simply wanted to project this feeling of loss and absence. It starts with the cosy bedroom setting of a relationship which is then stripped away piece by piece and left empty by the end. We used a body cam to give a chaotic and unstable perspective. We filmed it on the streets of Peckham and I had this huge body-rig harnessed to my chest when it started raining – I guess it adds to the mood, we had no choice but to embrace it.” – Zac Pajak

Stream: Goldun Egg
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