Happy end of 2019! 

If we had to break down my year in music it would look something like this;

Chet Faker went back to being Nick Murphy and made one of the best albums on self-searching, which was very on-brand for me personally.  I beamed with pride as Maggie Rogers and Lizzo, two artists I’ve been following since 2017, exploded onto the scene with killer debuts.  Kim Petras had me feeling like a bad-ass bitch 24/7 – if you’re interested, please see the lyrics “I’m the bitch with the sauce, apparently”  for further analysis.  I spent my daily commute in the company of Electric Guest and Jai Wolf, their upbeat riffs always on loop in my headphones.  Madeon and Safia tied for “most intense emotional response” from yours truly, the latter making me cry upon my first listen. Ariana Grande got me to finally stop thinking about that one time an ex called me needy – I happen to really like how much I care. And Tove Lo reminded me that women can be sexy and simultaneously complex – not just pouty – in the most powerful pop-charged way.

See below for my full list – onto the next decade!

1. Tove Lo – ‘Sunshine Kitty’

2. Nick Murphy / Chet Faker – ‘Run Fast Sleep Naked’

3. Ariana Grande – ‘Thx u, next’

4. Maggie Rogers – ‘Heard it in a Past Life’

5. Safia – ‘Story’s Start or End’

6. Madeon – ‘Good Faith’

7. Kim Petras – ‘Clarity’

8. Electric Guest – ‘Kin’

9. Lizzo – ‘Cuz I Love You’


10. Jai Wolf – ‘The Cure to Loneliness’

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