As everyone around the globe gears up for the biggest party of the year, and perhaps even the decade, Sydney music fans are getting pumped for NYE in the Park, which has a huge lineup of amazing artists including HermitudeCrooked ColoursSAFIAClient LiaisonBag Raiders, and of course the legendary Girl Talk

Needless to say we jumped at the chance to have a chat with the man himself, and ask where his love of music began…

“My first album was Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” on cassette. Initially, I was just really into the song “Do Me.” I memorized all of the words, but I didn’t really understand most of it. I’m sure it was weird for my parents to have their 9 year old son constantly singing along to “Do Me.”

I became obsessed with the whole album. I didn’t own any other cassettes for at least 6 months, so I just listened to it non-stop. There’s a lot of detail on Poison, with quick sample splices and tangential breakdowns, which made it good for repeat listens. It has an unpredictable feel, bouncing from high energy new jack swing to emotional ballads.

I literally wore that tape out. Looking back now, there’s definitely some direct influence from that album on what kind of music I would eventually make.” – Girl Talk

Let’s bounce back to 1990 for the super smooth sounds of ‘Do Me’ by Bell Biv DeVoe – I’m sure a lot of babies were made to this track!

And then let’s jump to August 2019 for Girl Talk’s latest release ‘No Problem’, which features the slick rap stylings of Young Nudy.

And if you’re in Sydney and looking for something to do on NYE, go get yourself some tickets for NYE in the Park!

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